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From: Furry (
Date: 11/10/94

On Thu, 10 Nov 1994, Richard Bales wrote:

> Room name: The Jail
> Exit south: To: [21111], Key: [21000], Keywrd: None, Type: DOOR CLOSED LOCKED
>                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^

That's not the least of the problems in New Sparta... one of the reasons
I killed it from the world I'm putting together.

> Maybe Furry (I think it's Furry), could change the "Keywrd" from "None" 
> to maybe "door cell"?  It would help out a lot.

As I said.. I removed it from the world I put together... but if you want
to continue to use New Sparta.. I have a debugged copy somewhere at home
that I did when I was bored.

--  Alex

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