Saving poofin/outs

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 11/18/94


	I'm trying to save poofin/outs  - I have modelled it after the
way it saved and retreives the character's title, but since char_data
refers to player_special_data (a structure) from within it, why can't
it find poofin? or poofout?

	I know my question is worded very poorly.  Basically in db.c I
	POOFIN(ch) = st->player_special_data.poofin;
        POOFOUT(ch) = st->player_special_data.poofout;

I tried this using addresses and it said I has bunch of parse errors.
i.e I had st->player_special_data.*poofin instead of the above.
The above was in char_to_store in db.c

In store_to_char, I have:
	if (POOFIN(ch))
            st->player_special_data.poofin = POOFIN(ch);
            st->player_special_data.poofin = '\0';

The compiler keeps telling me that there is no member named poofin/out.
What am I doing wrong here?  All I want to do is a simple string copy
of the poofin and poofout into the player's file, and then a copy
from the file to the character when he/she returns.

	Thanks in advacne for your help :)

	- Sean

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