Metro-esque Code

From: Steppin [MOF][DUMF] (
Date: 11/21/94

OK... added in the following code, along with defines for a room flag called
MOVING and a field in the room file called next_room that is set to -1 in db.c
if none is otherwise specified in the .wld file. Problem... game now crashes
consistently within 30 seconds of rebooting, usually less. I barely have enough
time to login, get shuttled through a few rooms of metro I set up, and then
the game crashes.
Can anybody tell off-hand what's wrong with this?

from comm.c:

      if (!(pulse % 40)) {
        for (i = descriptor_list; i; i = i->next) 
         if IS_SET(world[i->character->in_room].room_flags, MOVING)
          to_room = world[i->character->in_room].next_room;
          char_to_room(i->character, real_room(to_room));
          do_look(i->character, "", 0, 0);

Tips greatly appreciated!

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