From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 11/21/94

Hi, I am unable to compile the MUD due to problems with the makefile.
	Everytime I run the make file I get:

	Must be a separator on rules line 45. Stop.

	I checked line 45 (I even deleted the original line 45...and all the
relateded makes for the utilities, but it give me the same error).  There
should be nothing wrong with it.  Line 45 in my makefile is:

Line 45:	clean:
Line 46:	      rm -f *.o

	Why is this happening?  I changed the make file, but all I added
were olc-wld.o and llist.o to the OBJFILES list.  I also added the proper
rules for compiling olc-wld.c and llist.c

	I appreciate any help that anyone could offer,

	- Sean Mountcastle

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