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From: Ace (
Date: 11/27/94

    For beginning I am one of those newplementors.  But i have a problem now.
    I have 300 registered players but some of them are not permanent players.
    So I don't want to run automaint and delete half of my players.
    Basically, the thing I need is to see a list of all player's list
    and how much hours they played and so some basic info about them like 
    level etc.  How can I do that?  Any idea is appreciated..
                                                Ali [?]
Well, if you are using Circle 2.1 or 2.2, you can use the "showplay" 
utility, which is probably in your circle/bin directory.  It will list
all the players, their current level and (I think) the amount of gold 
they have.

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