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From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 12/05/94


	First off, is the mailing list still here?  I set two letters and
so far neither of them have been sent back to me (nor have they been replied
to :( ).  please resubscribe me if I got knocked off the list, thanks.

	Now for my real questions:  Has anyone successfully made a special
proc for an item so that when you wear it you are affected by a certain
spell (or whatever) while you wear it, and ONLY while you are wearing it.

	Next question:  For my races, I want to set it so that they
have infra can I go about doing this?  I used:
	struct affected_type af;

	af.duration = -1;   <--- here is the prob (in the game it says for 0h)
	af.bitvector = AFF_INFRAVISION;
	affect_to_char(ch, &af);
	but I originally had join_affect(ch, &af, TRUE, FALSE, FALSE....) as
the last line.

	Thanks for any help you could offer :)

	- Sean Mountcastle

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