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From: Furry (
Date: 12/05/94

On Mon, 5 Dec 1994, Sean P. Mountcastle wrote:
> 	First off, is the mailing list still here?  I set two letters and
> so far neither of them have been sent back to me (nor have they been replied
> to :( ).  please resubscribe me if I got knocked off the list, thanks.

Haven't gotten either here )=

> 	Now for my real questions:  Has anyone successfully made a special
> proc for an item so that when you wear it you are affected by a certain
> spell (or whatever) while you wear it, and ONLY while you are wearing it.

My suggestion (as a non-coder, but experienced with mud-codish one) is to
make a new "flag" for objects.. what I mean actually is have the system
read in a new flag (ie. like it is done for applies) and when it sees that
a certain affect is given by that flag on the obj, it affects the player
as such in the same manner that the applies work.
For example, your object could look like:

a test object~
A test object is here.~
13 0 3
0 0 0 0
1 1 1
1 1

Now.. this object SHOULD be able to be worn on the finger as a ring, and
should give you +1 str, and with the 'B' section, should reference that
against the affects defines to give you detect-invis when it is worn..
Do you understand what I am trying to say?  at all?  please? (=

Hope that helps a bit... if at all.

--  Alex

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