Ooops... but while I'm here...

From: Stefan Hudson (
Date: 12/05/94

Sorry about the previous message. I was trying to find a recent archive of the
list, without success, unfortunately. So now I'm going to have to ask here...

I finally got tired lying to my users since April 15th that 3.0 should be out
"in a month or so."  I had been holding off doing serious modification of the
mud until 3.0 came out so I wouldn't have to move all my changes to the new
version. If I knew then what I know now...

Anyway, one of the main features we had been waiting for in 3.0 was the OLC.
So, I grabbed the olc-wld.tar.gz file from blazy and started examining the
code. It is completely undocumented, but I managed to get it almost working.
I'm stil having trouble getting things to work right, and I was wondering if
anyone else (possibly the author?) might have any suggestions. 

I added variables to the struct descriptor_data (took educated guesses as
to type... seems to work), added the CON_EDITM and CON_REDITM connectedness
flags, and added a "edit" command pointing to the edit_room() function. I
am having trouble figuring exactly what to put in nanny() for the new
EDITM and REDITM states. I think I need to call edit_func(), which kind of
works, but it usually crashes the game pretty quickly. 

  Any suggestions? Any help would be really appreciated!

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