quick do_who Question

Date: 01/10/95

Hello all:)
I just have a quick question reguarding
act.informative.c and the do_who function.
I have seen on several other circle muds
that I have played that the immortal
characters have there job listed instead
of the numeric level. So when people
type the "who" command they see something like

[qstr] gargamel the questor
[IMM] eric the immortal
[12 cl] bob the cleric
[CIMP] ted the cimp

instead of seeing this..

[33 cl] gargamel the questor
[30 ma] eric the immortal
[12 cl] bob the cleric
[39 ma] ted the cimp

I was wondering if anyone out there has done
this and if they would be so gracious enough
to give me a listing of the changes they made
to put this feature in and if possible a listing
of the code they created:)

Thanks all...   crayola@epix.net

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