re: merc areas

From: The man called SOULSTEALER (
Date: 01/10/95

Ok, I am not writing here to get some flames from implementors that 
believe in originality but I am to reformat merc areas to circle.
My question is about copyrights.. will I be ignoring any license right if 
I change this area files to circle format?  Also, can someone send me the 
address to subscribe the merc mailing list?  I would like to be 
subscribed to that list too.
Well, I believe in originality too.  That is why I am writing my own 
areas all the time.  At last I set up my mud and you can try at 4000 or 4000  .
Well not much new so far.  Just a few bug fixing but we intend to do 
some real work and until we feel we are ready to be wholly original, we 
will use other's work.  At least it is the only running mud in my country.
I love being first.
Thanks for help.

                                                         Ali [+]

*Cursing my C coder who left me half the way*, I need to take C lessons now.

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