Re: Adding spells...

From: Skylar (
Date: 01/20/95

On Thu, 19 Jan 1995, Ake Jonsson wrote:

> Hi.
> I have a small problem with the spells in circle 2.2..
> I have tried to add a new spell but it seems like I am missing something.
> Here is what I do:
> I put ASPELL(channel) and ACAST(channel) in magic.c and spells2.c
> In spells.h I add 
>    #define SPELL_CHANNEL                53 /* Added 170195 DC */
> I add a SPELLO in spell_parser.c

The only circle 2.2 I have handy is the Amiga version, so I'm not 100%
possitive about this, but I think you're forgetting to add an entry in
spell_parser.c under *spells[] =  So that people will be able to both
cast and practice it.
BTW, you might want to consider moving to circle 3.0b, its quite a bit
more versatile, and the new magic system has a lot of promise...


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