aix and circle mud question

From: Michael Cunningham (
Date: 01/20/95

I just gained access to a site to start up my own circle 2.2 mud:) YEAAA

Well my question is that it is a AIX 4.5 operating system. I am not
to familiar with this system since I have worked with ultrix's and sunos 
mostly. I was wondering has anyone compiled cicrle 2.2 on an AIX system?
And where there any modifications that were needed to do done to the code?
I know in the release.doc Mr. Ellison said he has compiled circle 2.2 on
an AIX 3.2 system. I was wondering if I am gonna have any problems that I 
should take care of before I compile. Another quick question, has anyone
else out there had trouble compiling mob-prog? I had trouble getting it 
to compile on a ultrix system. Is there something in the code that needs 
to be fixed? Or do I just have a bad copy? Last quick question..Does 
anyone know any other sites beside that have circle zones 
or merc areas? I would like to make this mud huge from the start, and I 
could use a couple more zones.

Thanks ahead of time..	
                        Gargamel..The soon to be implementor of EPIX

/     \
\_____/ <---best chance of getting me though:)     Michael Cunningham (Gargamel/Gargi)

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