re: Disabling PK without poison bugs.

From: Timothy B. Maddux (
Date: 02/08/95

When damage is delivered through the use of poison or other similar
spells, both 'ch' and 'victim' are the same.  So, do it like this:

if (!IS_NPC(ch) && !IS_NPC(victim) && (ch != victim)) {
  send_to_char("You cannot kill players on this mud!\n\r", ch);

in the damage() function.  This will prevent at the basest level
players from delivering damage to each other, without having to
put in special checks for POISON or any other damage types that
might be taking place.

You should put similar checks in do_hit() and other functions at
a higher level as well, to prevent the combat from even being
- tim

(Tim Maddux,

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