Re: Flight, Horses and Boats

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de O. (
Date: 02/20/95

>As far as flying goes, we have dragons and griffins, etc to ride so
>players can travel over oceans on them.  (Not sure if that's what you
>meant by flying).  And, as for boats, we've been planning on adding
>sailing ships for a long time, so I'd like to talk to anyone about some
>ideas for them...maybe share some code on those as well.

Ok, I'm far new in this, but I think I'll put my two cents

I think some aclarations is in order, since I am seeing that you are trying
to find an answer to two different things.

I suppose that what was referred the first time as flying meant "flying",
as in going up, down, w,n,s and e. Something like underwater but

The replies I've seen refer more to what I prefer to call "floating", that
is, leveling the character some distance above the ground, thus not wasting
movement points, but having the same directions available as if you were
walking (with the plus of crossing water and chasms, maybe)

The second one is fairly easy to implement, as the only actual change would
be in movement points (unless you do want to use some kind of floating
device, as a griffon or a flying carpet). Maybe some kind of penalty would
be in order, something like not being able of picking up things, or killing
small creatures (or asleep or resting creatures).

The first one, tho', would need to give a new flag to the zones, as
UNDERWATER, but exclusive to this one, and you should be able of travelling
too all six directions.

I know I ain't giving any explicit answers or code, but I am still
analyzing the program (which so far is great!). As soon as I have some real
answers I'll post them here (if anyone is still interested). Meanwhile I
thought it could be useful if some terms were defined more explicitly.

>So, if you'd like to talk to me about any of this, e-mail me directly or
>look for me on my mud (I'm on every night from about 6:30 to 10:00pm).

BTW, I am thinking of translating Circle to Spanish, but I am having some
problems with a few things. The objects in spanish have sex (maybe in
english is the same), and the articles have to reflect this, for example,
you would say the knight and the sword, in spanish that would be "EL
caballero y LA espada", likewise we don't say it, we use an article for
masculine and one for feminine (no neutrals here). If someone has already
done a translation to spanish, or to another language were some tweaking in
the code besides the translation was in order, please let me know.

One last thing, is there anywhere any kind of map with the default areas of
circle mapped out? I am thinking of writing a program that analyzes a zones
and gives away a map in ASCII made out of squares with several levels of
detail, only the map, the map and room names (using the vnames as reference
in a separate table) or everything in the zone (names, mobs and objs). Has
anyone thought of this, is it viable that anyone will find a use for this?
I always find myself mapping out areas, often buggy, so I have to go over
them. So I know I would find a user for it.

Also, is there any mud client that does this already? I used one for the
Mac that did it, halfway, but it doesn't work in the newer models and it
has no support anymore.

I know some of this may have been answered before, but if you were so kind
of at least letting me know where I could find the answers (some sort of
FAQ, of which I've read one already) I'd thank it.

Good Luck

The Ed.

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