Re: Answered: CircleMUD -- is it alive??

From: Curtiss Cicco (
Date: 02/21/95

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995 12:07:04 -0500 (EST) you said:
>I am working on adding in a spell like armor called shield. I have
>added in code to magic.c spell_parser.c spells2.c and spells.h just
>like the armor spell. I have gotten the mud to compile and run, but
>when I try to cast the spell I get messages like Bylle Grylle Grop Gryf???
>Players can practice the spell once they reach the desired level but
>I can't get them to cast it?? Any help you can offer would be
>appriciated. Oh by the way this is circle 2.2 code.

  Here's a suggestion, find a spell that you know works with no problems
 do a grep on that spell, for example the armor spell, this will return
the places that reference the armor shield and should give you an idea
as to where some code for your spell is missing.


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