Re: Answered: CircleMUD -- is it alive??

From: Michael J Cunningham (
Date: 02/21/95

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, DoDGeR wrote:

> /==/ and thus Michael J Cunningham writes:
> cr> I am working on adding in a spell like armor called shield. I have added in
> cr> code to magic.c spell_parser.c spells2.c and spells.h just like the armor
> cr> spell. I have gotten the mud to compile and run, but when I try to cast the
> cr> spell I get messages like Bylle Grylle Grop Gryf???  Players can practice
> cr> the spell once they reach the desired level but I can't get them to cast
> cr> it?? Any help you can offer would be appriciated. Oh by the way this is
> cr> circle 2.2 code.
> ok...did you check to spell_parser.c where the line:
> if((((spl>0)&&(spl<=44)||(spl==54)))&&spell_info[spl].spell_pointer){
> is?  the numbers are the spell number castable by players...
> this hung me up for a while..
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