From: Sean P. Mountcastle (mountcas@pluto.ee.cua.edu)
Date: 02/28/95

	I just moved to another site that uses DG/UX, since I am only 
familiar with Ultrix, I was wondering if someone could help me out.  My 
first question is:  Should I change anything in the makefile to compile?  
It seems to compile fine, but whenever someone tries to enter the game 
(myself included.... so there is no IMP as of yet), it gets up to the 
CON_GET_CLASS and then crashes.
	dbx gives the messages:

Frame 0, pc 0x8003bc2c (__dg_strlen.m88100+20)
Warning: Unable to dereference pointer.
Frame 1, line 72, routine str_dup(0x00000010), file utils.c
Warning: Unable to dereference pointer.
Frame 2, line 215, routine set_title(ch=<hex #>, title=<hex #>), file 
Frame 3, line 2130, routine init_char(ch=0x005b5bc0), file db.c
Frame 4, line 1626, routine nanny(d=<hex #>, arg=<hex #> -> "c"), file 
Frame 5, line 481, routine game_loop(etc. etc
Frame 6, line something, routine init_game(etc. etc.
Frame 7, line something, routine main(etc. etc

	I guess it has something to do with setting the new player's 
title, this worked fine in Ultrix...
	Also I noticed that it doesn't seem to like the crypt function - 
does DG/UX have crypt?

	Many thanks in advance,

	- Sean

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