From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 02/28/95

> 	I just moved to another site that uses DG/UX, since I am only 
> familiar with Ultrix, I was wondering if someone could help me out.  My 
> first question is:  Should I change anything in the makefile to compile?  
> It seems to compile fine, but whenever someone tries to enter the game 
> (myself included.... so there is no IMP as of yet), it gets up to the 
> CON_GET_CLASS and then crashes.
> 	dbx gives the messages:
> Frame 0, pc 0x8003bc2c (__dg_strlen.m88100+20)
> Warning: Unable to dereference pointer.
> Frame 1, line 72, routine str_dup(0x00000010), file utils.c
> Warning: Unable to dereference pointer.
> Frame 2, line 215, routine set_title(ch=<hex #>, title=<hex #>), file 
> limits.c

What are those hex numbers?  Can you send the exact output?

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