Re: found a bug

Date: 05/03/95

Trunicate it (I think this will work):

string = string[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];

of course, very pseudo :)
or tell them it's no good (more psuedo for ya'):

if (strlen(string) > MAX_STRING_LENGTH) {
  send_to_char(ch, "Too long.\n\r");

that is, assuming bug, typo, idea are seperate of any other commands?  It 
will (theoritically) work fine if the three are combined or seperate of 
all others.

While we are on the subject of bug, typo, and idea.  Why not have them 
log to a board?  Ie., BUG goes to a coder board, TYPO goes to a builder 
board, and IDEA goes to a suggestion board (accessable tomortals so they 
may discuss it).

-spawn@krimson  @ ( 3999
An imp with an attitude... a really bad attitude.

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