Re: 3.0 a good start?

From: Carl Tashian (
Date: 05/19/95

On Thu, 4 May 1995, Harrison Leong wrote:
> I am making a new MUD, shall I start with 3.0? I suppose it will take me 
> weeks to construct it. Maybe at that time the release version shall release.
> Is it easy for me to upgrade from one BETA to a newer BETA? like those 
> 5,6,7...

It's up to you.. but I'd recommend running the latest 3.0 beta.. there 
aren't too many major bugs anymore, and you'll get a whole lot more 
features out of 3.0.. As far as upgrading once the 3.0 release comes out, 
that depends on how much you've modified the beta version of 3.0 for your 
own needs.. whatever changes you've made in 3.0 beta you'll have to apply 
to the 3.0 release .. or, whatever changes have been made in 3.0 will 
have to be applied to your 3.0 beta.. either way, it's kind of time 
consuming, but worth it for the benefits of 3.0, IMHO.

> BTW, anyone running Circle on Linux(PC)? It is my target platform. What 
> version of Linux do I need?

Circle runs great under Linux.. just about any version from 1.0.9 up will 
work great. In fact, I think Circle is actually being developed on a 
Linux machine...


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