differentiating objects

From: Melissa (madison@nevada.edu)
Date: 05/09/95

   Just in case someone else has pored over this aspect of the code...
What makes an altered item different? Such as item #100 is a dagger.
I enchant it. what item is it now? If it's the same, then how does the 
game know which one it is? Okay, now if I am a god, how would I stat, Id, 
or whatever that dagger only? I typically get the first item with that 
number, but I want the magic one.
  Now, where I am taking this... I have a chest as #1, and the key to it 
is #2. These are available in the shop. How can I make the key fit the 
chest you buy, and noone elses? I don't wish to make a seperate chest/key 
combo for everyone playing! If I understand this a little better, I can 
come up with a few more nifty uses also...

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