Robot For Circle

From: Josh Rantane (
Date: 05/09/95

   I've created a sorta robot for circle muds (well, I guess it can be 
used on any mud).  I used to have him go around and kill things, but he 
died too much so I kinda gave that up.  Right now, he's a great 
full-time god/watcher dude.  
  Well, I was just wondering if anyone was interested in it?  I could
probably upload it somewhere (I dunno if it really belongs on the circle
ftp site) but I wanted to get everyone's opinion of it first.
  Note: This is a completely seperate program, it doesn't run within
your circlemud, it connects to it.

	Ick @ Wisney World ][ - 5000
	"I maybe dumb, but I'm not a dweeb!"
		- Offspring

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