Re: Connecting after running in backgroud problems..

From: Belgian Underground Mud (
Date: 05/17/95

> > I have added bard and almost have the ITEM_MUSIC code all done :)
> > I also have code for ITEM_UNDERGROUND (remember hurtloam?)
> Perfect! I shall try this myself as an exercise. But what version of 
> Circle you are working on? 3.0p7? What happen if the author release next 
> version? It shall take a lot of time to compare the differences. :~(

Nah, just make good use of diff -b and you can convert it in a matter of 
an hour or 6. (I'm busy converting our pl3++ to pl7++ (++ means add-ons 
:*) )

Gekke Eekhoorn of BUG.

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