Re: Circle 2.2 on IRIX 5.3
Date: 05/17/95

> I was recently force to move my mud from a NeXT to an
> SGI running IRIX 5.3. When I try to compile it, I get 
> errors about reset_q being multiply defined. It says the
> original definition is in comm.o, this occurs in every
> *.o file and the linking aborts because of too many errors.
> I also downloaded a fresh copy from jhu and I get the same 
> results. Circle 3.0 compiles cleanly without any trouble, but
> I would like to have my old mud up while I move my changes
> to the 3.0 code. Which also brings up the question of the 
> next release (patchlevel). Is there another update due out 
> in the next month? I don't mean to push, just curious.

Make sure the compiler you are using is an ANSI compiler.
Are you only getting multiple def errors on reset_q?

Just an initial suggestion, though I don;t know jack about IRIX. ;)


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