Re: VNUM 909: Wearable boat boots?

Date: 05/18/95

On Thu, 18 May 1995, Chris A. Epler wrote:

> Noticed the boots that are a boat and noted that when you wear them you
> cannot traverse water...they must be in your inventory.  I'm not sure if
> this is the way they are meant to work or if perhaps you want them to be
> usable when worn (Would be pretty handy).  But regardless, I just thought
> I'd mention that the BOAT type isn't checked when something is worn and has
> that type set.
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I think this was brought up before and the code discussed.  Although, I'm 
not sure of the coding that was used, it should be as simple as adding an 
additional check if the "boat" or water object is being worn.

But, regardless.  Here's an idea I've been playing with.  What about 
swimable water in which you drown if you run out of movements?  And then 
that opens the door for such stupid, cheesy objects like, "the magical 
scuba gear", which would not take movements while your swimming.  Also, 
for those of you whom have mountable mobiles -- fish are good for water 

AND MAKE THOSE ANNOYING PETS "GROW".  I'm tired of that little mutt, 
"Spot" getting exp for kills and not taking advantage of it.  Add a 
MOB_ISPET and set all the pets to this, and then allow mobiles flagged as 
MOB_ISPET to get exp, and level (although they'll need a lot).  Or better 
yet, let them age and grow stronger, etc. with this age (might be a bit 

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