Re: VNUM 909: Wearable boat boots?

From: U1107 (
Date: 05/18/95

hello.... im new to the group and so i just replied to the mail i got 
since i dont know how to send to everyone.... anyways i have an idea
what about anywhere your in water (if theres fish there or not) (and 
maybe just for certain classes) you cant type 'fish' and you may or may 
not get a fish to eat (like create food but a skill) know what i mean?
it would be good for like rangers or something....
also i am looking for a place to start up my own mud
i had a site (here at but the sysop took it away so i need
somehwere else... please help! i am very interested in the code and wanna 
work with it... (as soon as i learn c) ...... hmmm
lemme know please if you have any ideas or are willing to help me!

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