Re: VNUM 909: Wearable boat boots?

From: Jason Fischer (
Date: 05/19/95

On Thu, 18 May 1995, Chris A. Epler wrote:

> Noticed the boots that are a boat and noted that when you wear them you
> cannot traverse water...they must be in your inventory.  I'm not sure if
> this is the way they are meant to work or if perhaps you want them to be
> usable when worn (Would be pretty handy).  But regardless, I just thought
> I'd mention that the BOAT type isn't checked when something is worn and has
> that type set.

yeah, i'd noticed that too, and had come up with a fix that i sent along 
to jeremy and to the list a while ago as well.  if you'd like a copy, 
reply to me via e-mail and i'll be happy to show you how i did it.

ps.  i'm about to go to boot camp, so if ya don't hurry i'm not gonna be 
around to answer for quite a while... =)

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