Re: skill/spell list

From: Daniel Simonsen (
Date: 12/17/69

> Anyone have any experience seperating the skills and spells on the
> prac list?   i.e. for classes which cast, AND have skills...
> i tried making a list_skills AND list_spells function, which inspired
> me to make a sort_skills func to mimic sort_spells...
> I tried making do_prac call list_spells, then list_next, with
> something like 
>    return;
> before the spells were listed. (PRACTICE_TYPE returns the value of the
> prac_type)
> (i want list_spells to only list spells up to MAX_SPELLS
> and list_skills from MAX_SPELLS to MAX_SKILLS)
> i noticed that db.c calls sort_spells, and im not really sure what
> that's for...I ran into a big nasty mess and gave up temporarily.
> Fireball
Well...first off the sort_spells function sorts the spells AND skills
alphabetically: the list then looks like !RESERVED!,!UNUSED!,bbb
etc. The trick is that the first 130 entries are the UNUSED ones :)
(took me some time to realize this :)
So, you have them alphabetically sorted and each has a spell_num/skill_num
attached to it, which you can check to see if its > MAX_SPELLS < MAX_SKILLS
or whatever...and thats what you want right?

Daniel Simonsen

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