Re: new patchlevel imminent

Date: 05/24/95

On Wed, 24 May 1995, Giao H Phan wrote:

> Alex wrote:
> > Hoping for a few weeks, but don't ask for requests like this because
> > no matter when it comes out, you are going to have to wait anyways...
> > *shrug*  And Jeremy doesn't need to read mail about bugs *and* queries
> > as to whne he is going to be done.
> > --  Alex
> i thought the perpose of this list was to keep ppl informed and answer 
> these questions. why dont u write a faq if u dunt want them to be asked. 
> moderate the list if u dont want to spam everyone. it is within yer power 
> to help the situation, half the spam here is from you ppl yelling at the 
> newbies or even those who are just curious... why dont u stop whining 
> BACK. if jeremy feels he's being spammed, and doesn't wanna be, he can 
> unsubscribe like the rest of us. i dont see any rules stating he must be 
> on the list. no, jeremy doesn't need to read mail about bugs and queries. 
> but if he's got a problem with that, he is quite capable (i hope) of 
> removin himself from the list. these ppl aren't whining, they're asking 
> questions. if that aint wut this list is for, what _is_ it for? i think 
> i'll leave comments on yer association wich jeremy to the minds of my 
> readers. it's gruesome enough in ma own head... *shiver*
> -dert

Talk about a circle (er, no pun intended).  So, let me get this 
straight.  One person whines, another person whines about that person 
whining, and so on and so on.  The one thing is, it was a stupid 
inquiry.  It's obvious that Jeremy can't control time, and he can't 
control what bugs and problems he'll run into or are reported late.  So, 
why bother asking?  The date reported probably won't be correct on the 
first time around.  I'm not going to "whine", I'm just going to ask 
everyone to stop spamming the list with moral and ethical, and unrelated 
issues to Circle.

Now on to the question I had.
Has anyone successfully implemented a full blown race tongues system?  
Something similar to what the spell parser did (that is, convert words 
and letters to other words and letters) except shows up unencrypted to 
all other races?  I've got quite a few races, but wanted to make like 3 
or 4 languages (elves/dwarves would share a language, except for grey 
elves (drows) which would share a language with grey dwarves, orcs, 
ogres, kobolds, and trolls, etc).  And before I went delving into it, I 
wanted to see how many others on this list had done such a thing, if they 
ran into any problems (not in coding, but as far as after-implemention of 
it, did the players like it?).

I don't want to spend too much time implementing something that the 
players will despise.

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