Re: prompts.

From: Josh Rantane (
Date: 05/26/95

> i've been working on trying to make a more comfigureable prompt
> for my mud...and i've got it to show exp, and exp to level and that
> stuff...(tis was easy) i want it to be able to show the "tank's"
> condition (who ever is taking damage in a fight).. how do i go about this?
> rick

   What if you just check the player->fighting->fighting.  I haven't
looked at the code at all or anything, and it's been awhile since I've
even looked at circle code (been away for a bit) but.. I think if you
are fighting, then the thing you are attacking is in your player struct.
Then whatever you are fighting should be fighting something.  Whatever
it's fighting, should be the tank.. right?  That sounds kinda complex,
and I'm kinda drunk.. so I hope that makes sense. 
  The code would probably look something like:
  printf("HP: %d Mana: %d Move: %d Tank: %d\n", p->hp, p->mana, p->move

		Hope that helps..

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