Re: your mail
Date: 05/26/95

> Concerning configurable prompts... to see who your tank is, you
> would probably be able to do this via the player structures.
> There should be a pointer to the mob you are fighting, and then
> you see who the mob is fighting, and that player should be your
> tank.
> Check structs.h on this, I dunno if the said pointers even exist :)
> Actually, they DO exist, but I'm not sure how to get at them, this
> would be the logical place to find them.

Well, assumming a tank is the person in the group who is getting
beat down, you might want to check to see if the tank is
in the same group..something like:

(I forget what the actual macro is..FIGHTING or GET_FIGHTING)

  if(FIGHTING(ch) && FIGHTING(FIGHTING(ch)) != ch){
    if(FIGHTING(FIGHTING(ch))->master == ch->master){
      ... Do what you want with displaying the condition ...

you should also probably try and do some sanity checks on the master
pointers to make sure they exist.

man i hate vi,

> Panlucea the Frabjous One

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