From: Brian Monroe (
Date: 05/30/95

Regarding all this ROOM_TUNNEL stuff, I think it may be worth working on 
a skill called BLOCK_EXIT that you can give a fighter class person who is 
guarding an entrance or exit.

You could also use it in ROOM_TUNNEL, and define BLOCK_EXIT as the 
direction you came from, so if you run into a monster in an east-west 
passage, he's blocking further progress west, and you're blocking further 
progress east.  For one to proceed, the other must die (or some wimp 
could run...)

Justa thot

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Phil Priston wrote:

> Joey Buttafuco <> Typed:>>
> _> I was just wondering wether it would be more advantageous if in 
> _> act.movement.c instead of just checking to see if someone was in the 
> _> ROOM_TUNNEL, wouldn't it be better to check if that player was a PC or not?
> _> 
> _> For example, I have a zone which is mostly tunnels.  A player cannot go 
> _> into the room if a mob has either wandered into the room, or is loaded 
> _> there, making the zone pointless...  It would be better if only one pc 
> _> were able to enter the room, rather than one body.
> _> 
> _> 			Aldebaran
> Or perhaps have it so that tunnels have a 'volume' therefore limiting 
> the 'amount of person' in the tunnel, so a rat mob could fit in with 
> a PC but a giant could not get in at all....

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