From: Phil Priston (
Date: 05/30/95

Joey Buttafuco <> Typed:>>

_> I was just wondering wether it would be more advantageous if in 
_> act.movement.c instead of just checking to see if someone was in the 
_> ROOM_TUNNEL, wouldn't it be better to check if that player was a PC or not?
_> For example, I have a zone which is mostly tunnels.  A player cannot go 
_> into the room if a mob has either wandered into the room, or is loaded 
_> there, making the zone pointless...  It would be better if only one pc 
_> were able to enter the room, rather than one body.
_> 			Aldebaran

Or perhaps have it so that tunnels have a 'volume' therefore limiting 
the 'amount of person' in the tunnel, so a rat mob could fit in with 
a PC but a giant could not get in at all....
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