Re: Change levels

From: James (
Date: 05/30/95

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Matthew R. Harold wrote:

> How do I change the Immortal levels from Level 31 to Immort or something 
> of that nature?

 If you talking about when you type who it displays [immortal] instead of 
the [war 51] you edit the 'do_who' code to check GET_LEVEL(ch) == 51 then 
make it so it prints "immortal" instead of whatever.

  If you talking about making immortal level 50 instead of 31, you have a 
job in front of you... You need to change the #defines in structs.h so 
that immort = 50; god = 51 and so on, then you need to go threw the 
constants.c and add a lot to the  code there. Also you will need to 
change a lot of the spells.c code as well. You need to hunt out all the 
level sensitive arrays, and extend them to handle over 34 levels. 

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