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Date: 05/30/95

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>    Or perhaps have it so that tunnels have a 'volume' therefore limiting 
>    the 'amount of person' in the tunnel, so a rat mob could fit in with 
>    a PC but a giant could not get in at all....
>    *SHRUG*
> Or perhaps have it so that rooms have 'volume' therefore making
> 'tunnels' as a seperate entity unnecessary?
> *shrug* 
>     Ray

I have seen a mud use the MOB_HUGE/ROOM_HUGE flags to limit some mobs
from going certain places. For example a 50 ft giant wouldn't be able 
to follow you into a room with a 10 ft ceiling. You could add a size
variable to the mob struct (ick) or make flags for small, medium, 
large, huge, etc. You could then have tunnels that allow a medium 
sized mob and tunnels that only allow small one. You could even check 
the players height-- over 6 ft? have to crawl through here... crawl 
of course takes twice as much move....

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