Mob name pointers

From: Ryan (
Date: 05/30/95

Hmm..  I have been manipulating mob short_descriptions while the mud is 
running.  If I modify a name of an object or a mob, it changes all of the 
mobs and objects pointing to that mob_proto.  I understand that all of 
the mobs are just pointing to a certain prototype, but if this is true.. 
then why doesn't the level or maxhitpoints of all the mobs that point to 
a prototype change when I change them?

I believe it's because the pointers of the char *short_desc, etc are 
still poitning to the mob_proto's point in memory, and int's such as 
level, etc don't use pointers, so they just copy the value into the new 

If this is what is actually happening, could someone point out where in 
the code I could modify so when I alter one mob's name, all of them 
will not.


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