Re: Mob name pointers

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 05/31/95

> Hmm. I see, it makes sense.. However don't you think that by creating a 
> new set of string pointers for each mob would allow more 
> configurability?.. Not to mention when OLC comes in to effect, this would 
> probably go hand in hand.
> Ryan

um, we have OLC, and it has nothing to do with this - it edits 
prototypes. i dont no why an OLC would edit strings, but i wrote a 
command called string that can restring anything on the mud. this is 
mostly for quests an shit, where the string matters more than the mob's 
originality. objects are restrung alot, to add variety to the game...
anyway, heres the way it werks:

  does the string in question match the string used in the prototype
    if so, then dont bother to save it, just use the prototype's definition
    save the string, since it must have bin restrung.

get the idea? saving each string for each object will dramatically slow 
the saving process, this way, only strings that are changed from the 
prototype are saved.

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