Re: Mob name pointers

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 05/31/95

> > > If this is what is actually happening, could someone point out where in 
> > > the code I could modify so when I alter one mob's name, all of them 
> > > will not.
> > 
> > I'd suggest waiting unil J. Elson finishes OLC... you'd have o copy the 
> > mob into a new one and change it's name... only way it'd work, as far as 
> > I been able to tell.
> > 

> I see, just as I thought..  It would seem that the whole struct char_data 
> * mob is a pointer pointing to mob_proto[x].  If this is so, then why 
> when you change the integers, all of the mobs don't change if mob is a 
> pointer itself?.

Err, no, that's not true.  If the entire mob was a pointer to the prototype,
nothing would work.  When you killed one Cityguard the rest of them would
die too!

A copy of all the data is made for each mob, but the *string data* is not
copied deeply; i.e., the pointers are duplicated instead of the strings
themselves being duplicated.  The short answer is that yes, all mobs share
strings, but they don't share anything else.


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