Re: FAQ: Hacker.doc

Date: 06/01/95

> can you please send this file to me too
> i need lots of races and classes in my mud 
> thank in advance 

	[a] Someone should flame you for your huge pre-sig, if
	for nothing else than the inclusion of ANSI codes, which
	don't help me under my software.  It was obnoxiously

	[b] I'll take the time to flame him for the bit of
	idiotic rambling he added to the conversation.  Didn't
	Jeremy just say (and quite correctly) that hacker.doc
	is a file from Merc MUD which doesn't explain how to code
	at all, just tells you that you're stupid if you're
	trying to learn C via a MUD, what common utilities you
	may need, and the like.  coding.doc, which is what you
	brainless fools seek, is incomplete -- and frankly, I am
	hoping it won't be completed..

	Face it, too many people start a MUD with the idea that
	they'll learn to code that way.  I've seen far too many
	lame MUDs being started up under this concept.  If you
	want to start a MUD, but don't know how to code -- either
	learn first, or get a coder.  You're making it too hard
	on yourself any other way, and you'll probably not make
	too much of an impression.  I'll agree that some MUDs are
	out there that thrived under this, but, I'm guessing it's
	as rare as a dodo bird anymore.

	I thought this list was for serious Circle discussion,
	not worthless messages (like this), or for newbie's asking
	how to do basic tasks.  Some things are just too basic
	to be discussed here anymore.  Adding levels, skills, and
	classes are among these -- because, IMHO, it doesn't take
	that long to figure out what you're doing if you already
	know how to use UNIX, and code in C.  Otherwise, it seems
	more like a lost cause and a waste of time than anything


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