Changes in levels

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 06/02/95

	Well Dudez, in fact I'm not part of the list yet, but I know what's going on.
	I'm trying to get into this list and I hope I'll be here soon.
	About Levels... I've been running 2.2 and I changed the levels to 52, for a test. Well so many bugs 'rainned' on me I got furious with JElsen =o) sorry for that =o)
	Then another impl friend of mine hit my head: "why don't you grep all the files to find the things you searching?" BINGO!
	I greped -e "title_type[4][" * my /src and I got REALLY furious 'cause there was not a LVL_IMPL in the place of all those 34's and LVL_IMPL + x when necessary.
	Then I got 3.0bpl1 and that was fixed, almost fixed =o) some places had to be touched. In any case I ask JElsen to forgive me 'bout all the time I complained about his code. In fact I think the gameloop is a GREAT job and the kernel is fully self-explanatory(well, the code could be cleaner, but I admire the work sincerely).
	Well, I changed the levels in my mud to 110 levels, where 100 is the last mortal level. I spread the godcomands among 10 levels so I could get less worried about my lunatics wizzes.
	About the spells for new levels, the code is VERY self-explanatory, and you can use the own code as an example. You can spread the spells among the levels or create some new and spread them over the levels.
	Another part you may change just by reading the src code are the classes, that in 3.0 has not the name 4, but is called classes *grin*.
	I've just got btpl8, and I'm already having troubles to move my 'personal configuration' (tm) (ie. my changes =o) to this new release.
	The changes in my MUD go slow, but when it happens there are a lot of changes. And my players curse a lot swearing against my mom, specially when I lose the playerfile. Please can someone convert playerfiles? =o) Is there a way for me to bring the playerfile up to memory when the game is up? so I can move the files when the game is up =o) sorry for this question, but I was looking for a shortcut.
	By the way I could not code in C b4 I started reading Circle's code. And I think I still can't I'm just learning C from CircleMUD.
	Congratulations you all for the job you've been doing and thanks JElsen for teaching me C with yer fine code. 
	Ah! a bug I couldn't solve... in bpl1 why the hell when a mortal type kill 0.player when the player is not in the room the mud crashes? Yes, it happened here.

seeyaround dudez, 5000

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