Warning: Newbie imp at large!

Date: 06/02/95

	I'm a newbie at C, and I have encountered this weird problem. 
Identify of patch level 8 doesn't seem to like me 8-(  A make of
unmodified patch level 8 runs perfectly fine, and identify works. 
Moving my changes (trivial - added 2 boards, and logging for send/echo/
gecho and snoop, changed set exp to lvl_impl - that's all I did) to
patch level 8, and it compiles and runs fine.  Identify works.  When I
cp'ed this new patch level 8 to my "main" circle subdir, it still runs
fine.  But identify don't work now 8-(  All I get is "You recite a
scroll of identify which dissolves."
	I tried moving my player files from my main circle subdirectory
to patch level 8's subdir.  Now patch level 8's circle server don't want
to identify too.  Moved pfiles out, deleted all that crap.  Still don't
work.  Deleted and restarted, it worked.  I cp'ed the pfiles in and out
(and did hell of a lot of makes too) this whole morning, and the
identify spell stops working at various points (did hell of a lot of
shutdowns too - in fact, shutdown after moving each file at one time -
was getting fed up).  One time was after I copied the etc dir over. 
Another time time, after copying etc, shutdown reboot, identify still
works, but when I copied plrobjs, shutdown reboot, and it didn't work.
	The machine is a sparc 10 and uname -a says:  SunOS zebra 5.2
Generic_100999-38 sun4m sparc.  I wanna learn C, but this is making me
crazy.  I do have experience with Fortran and DCL programming, and they
were never this onnery.
	Thanx for any help, pointers, assistance - anything at all.  Oh
yeah, if you have docs/etc besides those in the docs dir in the
distribution, do toss a copy this way, I would like to learn more.  Any
other kind offers of help gratefully accepted too.

-Tai (Video@jedimud if anyone still remembers me 8-))

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