Re: New Damage Calculations

From: jaco v Iterson (
Date: 06/12/95

> Here is what I think would be a cool addition to CircleMUD, that I don't
> think is on any other MUD.
> Instead of every weapon just doing it's damage, make the kind of weapon take
> longer to heal in relation to the type.
> Examples:
> The basis would be a a slashing weapon.  It would take the normal time to
> recover lets say 100 hp
> Then all others would be different a crushing weapon would take the longest
> because it's a riping wound and they take along time to heal, You can fit the
> others in.  So instead of it doing more damage to kill you, it would take a
> crushing weapon 2 times as long for the 100 hp to be healed as compared to
> the slashing (a shalow minor wound).  I think it would really add an extra
> edge to the weapon part of the game.  I am still thinking of how the Cure and
> Heal spells would be affected but just want to know if this would work.

What would be the difference ?

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