Pukie bug.

From: J\vrgen (di4sig@fonda.cse.hks.se)
Date: 06/12/95

Hi there..

I think I've found a little bug.

I'm a immo (on me and my pals mud) and I was helping a few newbies yesterday (first timers)
They were of course very enlighted by the spank-command and burp and so on (newbies... ;)
So I puked on one of them. the strange thing was that he actually died of it!
Its said something about me CRUSHING the newbies head open with my powerfull puke. 

Hmm.. Isn't puke a (anti;)social command?? Otherwise it's a very new skill. Any ideas which class
should have this skill?? :)

// Ziggur the Ancient Cleric Viking

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