Re: shop problems

Date: 06/13/95

> Hi!! I am a new IMP and i am having two problems both reguarding shops.
> The first problem is the petshop in off market street (unchanged). The 
> problem is that all the pets in the store cost 0 gold.  I dont know where 
> the costs of the pets are, since they are mobs and not obj they dont have 
> a value flag.  The only reason why this problem was pointed out to me was 
> that player were "buying" for 0, like 20 wolves and killing everyone and 
> thing on the mud!  so currently this problem is unresolved.

	Change the exp of the pets to approxiametly what you want
	the pets to cost.  Furey made pets exp 0 so you couldn't buy
	pets and kill them to level.  But this screwed up the pet shop.
	What I did was change the way pets are calculated on level of
	mobile.  A very simple way to do this is GET_LEVEL(mob) * 250,
	although mine was much more complex.

> My second problem is with a shop i made.  Since i dont know what special 
> code is needed to make a mob a "shop keeper", i am using the same wizard 
> mob found in the mage's shop off market street.  I have both wizards 
> loaded into the proper rooms, the original wizard and magic shop work 
> fine, the problem is with my shop.  The wizard is loaded into my shop and 
> has the three items i want him to sell on him, but when i goto that shop 
> and type any shop commands i get a message something like this:
> "sorry, you can't do that here"  i am not sure where the problem stems 
> from since the mud is up and running.  

	Look in spec_assign.c, I _believe_ there is a shopkeeper
	spec-proc, although I'm unsure.

	Trice@Legends of Lore v2.3 [NIMUD 6.11.95, Roleplaying MUD]

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