Re: Code thats out there!

From: Carl Tashian (
Date: 06/16/95

On Thu, 15 Jun 1995, Giao H Phan wrote:
> on wizbits, as an aside to hex, have you guys started using that idea 
> whereby you could stuff like 80 bits into one var? i heard some bits and 
> pieces from pythe or fred about some sorta linked long shit or somethin, 
> i dunno... wonderin anything ever came of that, and if so, what? ;}

Haven't heard a thing.. although it WOULD be interesting to try something 
like storing a bitvector in a char[255] (*8) .. now _that_ would be a 
serious bitvector.

> so make diagnose return a string (colored) and rewrite do_diagnose.

I like the idea of putting all that stuff in a prompt.. IF your fighting 
a mob.. 


Carl Tashian

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