Re: Code thats out there!

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 06/15/95

on wizbits, as an aside to hex, have you guys started using that idea 
whereby you could stuff like 80 bits into one var? i heard some bits and 
pieces from pythe or fred about some sorta linked long shit or somethin, 
i dunno... wonderin anything ever came of that, and if so, what? ;}

Trice@lol2 wrote:
> dert is right as far as AUTOLOOT, you should give it a more personalized 
> look.  But, AUTOGOLD seems to fit the idea of checking how much gold, 
> which is just get all.coins corpse.

shrug, even gold... i think it looks much better and allows for more 
control if it is done in the code. it's a very easy piece of code to do, 
and you may thank yourself for having the insight later (this i no from 
exp). shrug, if it works, it works.

> Was quite aware of diagnose, the problem with it was that it would get 
> annoying for those of the players that like color as it would be the same 
> color as misses. (I believe).  plus, the better way would be to use a one
> line prompt.

so make diagnose return a string (colored) and rewrite do_diagnose.
oh, one bonus to writin autoloot 'the long way' is that you can meld it 
with the other auto-????? commands: if you have autoloot and 
auto[junk|sac] on, it wont sacrifice/junk the corpse if you cannot 
retrieve all from it. here's another, autogold and autosplit can be 
combined. and if you kill a guy who aint in yer room (some muds have 
adjacent or zone attacks) then you wont get a silly message like: you 
dont seem to have a corpse. shrug, cosmetic maybe, elegant definitely. ;)

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