Re: Code thats out there!

Date: 06/15/95

> so make diagnose return a string (colored) and rewrite do_diagnose.

Would almost seem like the easiest way, if it didn't require splitting
do_diagnose.  Those of you that think you have an easy way out by making 
do_diagnose return a string are in for some fun whilst rewriting the 
interpreter for one single thing.

I think the sanity method here is to go the cheap way, and that's using 
DIAGNOSE colourized.  Just:

and later in the prompt code:
do_diagnose(d->character, "", 0, 0);

and possably change diagnose to send CC_CYN before the string.
Seems quickest and easiest (if not cheap and annoying), at least, IMHO.

> oh, one bonus to writin autoloot 'the long way' is that you can meld it 
> with the other auto-????? commands: if you have autoloot and 
> auto[junk|sac] on, it wont sacrifice/junk the corpse if you cannot 
> retrieve all from it. here's another, autogold and autosplit can be 
> combined. and if you kill a guy who aint in yer room (some muds have 
> adjacent or zone attacks) then you wont get a silly message like: you 
> dont seem to have a corpse. shrug, cosmetic maybe, elegant definitely. ;)
> -dert

you can meld Autogold and Autosplit, but as far as autosac not 
sacraficing a corpse that hasn't been `get all'ed from, I fail to see how 
such code would be implemented, although I haven't took a look at the 
CircleMUD code for a while (which may be the cause for my abscent 
mindedness).  The way I handled this was via the short little method I 
showed before, and having sacrafice not sac full containers.  However, 
via the method dert makes mention of, I fail to think of how to do the 
code.. Anyway, still quite a good idea.

As far as adjacent attacks, you should just:
if (ch->in_room == victim->in_room)

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