Re: Code thats out there!

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 06/16/95

Trice@lol2 wrote:
> you can meld Autogold and Autosplit, but as far as autosac not 
> sacraficing a corpse that hasn't been `get all'ed from, I fail to see how 
> such code would be implemented, although I haven't took a look at the 
> CircleMUD code for a while (which may be the cause for my abscent 
> mindedness).  The way I handled this was via the short little method I 
> showed before, and having sacrafice not sac full containers.  However, 
> via the method dert makes mention of, I fail to think of how to do the 
> code.. Anyway, still quite a good idea.

i dont have my source handy, heh, but i imped it easily. as i said, i 
rewrote autoloot the long way, but that makes no difference, except if a 
person autoloots and for whateva reason cant get the stuff, they dont get 
spammed with 'you cant get that/too heavy/etc.'. anyway, all you have to 
do is check if there is still stuff in the corpse. a manual sacrifice 
will remove all items from a container unless the container is a corpse. 
therefor, a player will see that there is stuff in the corpse and either 
sac the corpse or get the stuff. shrug, cosmetic code. again, regardless 
of ow you've written your sacrifice code, rewritting it into these auto 
functions gives you the power to control such events.

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