DEC Alpha/OSF1?

From: Jason D. Bourgoin (
Date: 06/18/95

I just recently joined this list and have read the FAQ, but I figured that
I would ask if anyone is working on a port to OSF/1 for the DEC Alpha.  I
tried installing 2.20 on our DEC 300 LX and ran into more problems than I
cared to sit down to debug for an interim release, so I'm waiting to see if
3.x has been ported.  If no one is working on a port, or wants to work on a
port, I'd be interested in doing it (since I'm working on a clean port for
another type of MUD server for the DEC Alpha as well currently) so let me 
know.  If someone is already working on one, or has the necessary patches,
I'm willing to beta test them for you (and I have a fully-approved site to
conduct on-going tests on; I'm the Facilities Manager for our campus computer
center ;)

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