RE: DEC Alpha/OSF1?

From: Jason D. Bourgoin (
Date: 06/19/95

I hadn't tried circle-3.00bpl8 at the time of my post (as I indicated, I
tried 2.20), but it's a trivial task to get it to compile/run on the Alpha.
In src/Makefile:
	CC = cc
Vanilla OSF/1 doesn't come with gcc, and the -Wall flag isn't recognized
under the cc compiler included.
You could use -g3 instead of -g, but that makes the debugger unreliable.
Thanks everybody who "suggested" I look at the beta releases,
PS - maybe have this info included preceded by hash marks in the Makefile,
     as some other system-specific information is included there, and it will
     save everyone a lot of time in answering questions ;)

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